“We give where we live” …. It’s our philosophy!

On the TELUS digital team, giving back to our community is a large part of our culture.

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On the TELUS digital team, giving back to our community is a large part of our culture.

We have a group of talented team members who are passionate about what they do and love sharing their knowledge to drive digital literacy.

Why it’s important to us? Demand for digital is increasingly important to Canadian businesses. Technical skills are critical to have as technology and digital become even further integrated into our economy. We don’t know what digital jobs will be available in the next ten years, but as a large Canadian company and digital agency we need to do our part to support the growth and development of our community. We need to help grow talent in the digital space and help close the gap on the much talked about shortage of skilled people to support all the anticipated tech jobs by 2020.

Sponsoring events like the HTML500 is an investment in our people. Events like the HTML500 support our goal of driving digital literacy but they also provides an opportunity for our team members to challenge themselves and develop skills by coaching and mentoring others.

As we help others in our community learn, it’s just as important for the continuous development of our own team members, which is why we are also a sponsor of Devhub, a place where they can be a part of the growth and knowledge sharing among those already established in the tech community.

Reaping the rewards of sponsorship As we sponsor events throughout our community that drive digital literacy we are exposed to so many people and great stories for why they are learning to code.

When we sponsored the first HTML500 event a few years ago, it was so amazing to see the curiosity and interest from 500 people of all ages and the support of so many mentors within the community. We witnessed kids learn to code for the first time. We watched them learn the material with such intent and turn their new knowledge into a web page. It was impressive to see how quickly they picked up the new skill with their passion to learn. Being able to introduce them to a skill that will provide them an advantage in this increasing digital world was a privilege. It’s inspiring to support their accomplishments that day and seeing how anyone can learn to code, at any age.

Supporting the digital community: We are currently working together with great community partners in so many ways to drive digital literacy across Canada:

  • Created a space in Devhub for developers to grow, learn and share with others in the Toronto Tech community
  • Closing the gender gap with Ladies Learning Code in encouraging women and kids to learn to code
  • Providing jobs to recent grads from Lighthouse Labs and other Web Development Bootcamps and a chance to hone their new skills
  • We love Co-op students! It’s our pleasure to hire students in a co-op program and provide them a chance to apply their skills and see what’s it’s like to work in a digital start up environment.
  • And not to forget, the amazing opportunity that the HTML500 provides people in 9 cities across Canada!
  • You can also find us at community events and meetups or check out our blog as we love to share our knowledge and expertise.

We are proud to be partnering with Lighthouse Labs in bringing the HTML500 to cities across Canada this year. Find out what the world of development is all about and begin learning a new language. Check for an event in your area and sign up now!

written by: Robin Irwin