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Learning to code can be a intimidating experience, and Developers rarely thrive in isolation. New coders need mentorship and guidance from those who have mastered the craft. Don't get discouraged if you hit a wall - seek out the coding community, ask questions, go down a google rabbit role and learn from those around you!

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Learn To Code Online

Lighthouse Labs has released the curriculum from the HTML500 with additional content and projects in a free online course! Throughout our HTML & CSS Essentials course, you'll cover the basics of building and styling web pages with the help of members of our education team, plus get access to additional resources to take your coding to the next level.

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One of the biggest benefits of attending the HTML500 is getting to learn in person surrounded by 499 other new coders and getting access to mentorship from seasoned developers. Not everyone is made for self-directed learning or learning online, and we'd love to help you out in person. We're always hosting free workshops and meetups where you can get access to valuable mentorship!

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Throughout our Intro to Web or Intro to iOS Development courses, you'll learn what goes in to creating and deploying apps and will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of programming. This course is an excellent option for anyone looking to discover if they want to become a Developer, to learn to communicate with a dev team or to gain valuable coding experience for a hybrid technical role.

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