Mentoring at the HTML[500] & HTML[150]

Lighthouse Labs is bringing back Canada's largest open access education event in 2017. The event is free for 500 participants and we need developers to help us mentor (TA) them on the basic HTML/CSS as they build their first landing page.


What is needed of me?

As a mentor for the HTML500 you should have some experience with front-end web development. You do not need to be a senior web developer or designer, nor need a professional portfolio, but instead should have the following technical capabilities:

  • You've worked with modern HTML and CSS by either building or modifying web pages or sites
  • You are comfortable with using Chrome's Web Developer tools for debugging and experimenting
  • You have good understanding of fundamental front-end development including The Box Model, Semantic HTML, etc
  • You can and take joy in explaining and teaching fundamentals of programming and debugging to new developers
  • Experience with JavaScript and jQuery *
  • Responsive Design / Markup *

* JavaScript is not part of the day's lesson, but some students may jump further.*