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Learning to code helps you see an abstract problem in different perspectives.

Coding isn’t hard to learn, it’s the critical thinking that is hard, and knowing how to code helps you be a good thinker

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The Creators Series: Women in Tech - Judy Hamilton

It’s needless to say that computers are a necessity and popular tool used for many communication outlets. It’s also becoming important to understand the language behind web development now and will continue to become an essential skill.

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The Creators Series: Women In Tech - Kylie Toh

Our goal at Chic Geek is to give women the confidence to continue exploring technology and startups at a deeper level. We'll see small, individual changes and can be a part of setting the stage for the next generation to succeed. 

The Creators Series: Gabrielle and Yasushi

Although I guess many people think coding is difficult, it’s not as hard as you think. Having a computer, you can start coding for free and there are tons of tutorials online. It could be a good hobby with little cost.

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Guest Blog by Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) - Career Opportunities

The VEC is confident that HTML500's innovative platform will provide immediate relief for companies looking for talent, and also increase long-term talent supply by inspiring future generations to code

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The Creators Series: Byron Thom

The development of software is one of the greatest avenues of creative expression imaginable. Software is everywhere and solving almost infinite amounts of problems.