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Everyone Can Learn To Code With The HTML500!

In celebration of Hour of Code, we're incredibly excited to announce that the HTML500 is back and is coming 8+ cities across Canada in 2017.

Thank You

Ever heard of a stone soup? I tell you this story because at Lighthouse Labs, we consider ourselves the travellers and The HTML500 is the pot, the stone and the water.

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Coding: An Inner Life

Last Saturday, Lighthouse Labs presented the HTML(500) to a crowd of over 900 Calgarians. Shivering from cold, excitement and the anticipation of pizza, novices and experts sat down to peer into the inner-workings of the web.

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Coding creativity: Why programming isn’t just for engineers anymore.

A professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto, Belinda Wang teaches novice coders how to craft novel solutions to problems in almost any field.

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The Creators Series: Braden Simpson

Learning to code definitely opens doors, it let’s you build anything you want and express your creativity through another medium.

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Cracking Code - Learning HTML and CSS at Canada’s largest learn-to-code event.

I plan to continue learning to code in the coming weeks, but if I never learn enough to bring one of my own big ideas to life, it doesn’t matter. I know enough to get my daughter started, and give her the opportunity to one day see hers take flight.